High Almighty

by Crocker & Walter Kronkite

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Collaborative project with Crocker & Walter Kronkite.


released 20 April 2014
Executive Producers:
Christopher Diamond
Terry Crocker, Jr
& Jerry Mathis

Art Direction:
Daniel Hagerman for DHAGS Design




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Track Name: High Almighty feat. Hillary Keane
/The…light and the dark, the life and the death/ The breath, time acquiesce I keep close to my chest/ Their rhymes, they supine, see it's posture regress/ In my room, turn a tomb, paint collages of Set/ gods, demigods, pit Mazda with Mithra/ Born from the Petra, Christ Peter's conscriptor/ Petra meaning "rock"/ Peter: rock of the church/So what's a monument's worth?/ G-d our father, my soul it falters/ Weary, wary, it, teeter-totters/ They bleed the waters, they beat our daughters/ They tease us offers, but mean us martyrs/ Beware the sheep that speaks/ The wolf is a given/ That sheep will draw you in; tear you to ribbons/ Bear, no man to go and deem you forgiven/ That's between you, and the light you envision/

/High Almighty, I’m out here dying/ I was out here living, loving, lying/ These old sung tears, the dirt is drying/ But I wonder, will my soul be flying/ High Almighty, will you take me/ The world has now broke me, killed me, raped me/ Never will I be the same the way that they shook me, hate me/ High Almighty, why you make me?/ High Almighty, I’m out here dying/ I was out here living, loving, lying/ These old sung tears, the dirt is drying/ But I wonder, will my soul be flying/ High Almighty, will you take me/ The world has now broke me, killed me, raped me/ Never will I be the same the way that they shook, hate me/ Please shine a light ‘fore the night forsakes me/

/After life miscued, I had many different views/ The one that you choose for you has everything to do/ With you and how you live your life at the end of the day/ Not much more to say on the subject of the grave/ But if by any mistake, if you should ever wake up/One day, and think up one way to make up/The decision to end it, and no I’m not being specific/ Just know you shouldn’t take granted of living’s benefit in it/ The sentence that I uttered, with no lisps or a stutter/Muffled through the half ways, looking at my brother/ Some things in this world cause you to grow cold and old/Other things cause you to die young and live bold/ Is it about picking up and living life to the fullest/ By the time he mashes stop, I will probably be losing/ It’s about taking chances and living with no regrets/ I put all my chips in as the bullet hits the deck/
Track Name: The Rot
/I wanna buy, buy, buy/ Get high, high, high/ Stare at YouTube videos as life passes by by by/ That syringe, make me cringe that they inject/ My thoughts abscess, full neuron death/ Oh praise the PDA and all the pretty ofays/ I was born Krush Grooved, suicided Soul Plane/ I'd slit my own throat if English custom died with me/ Death & Disease to Eminem & Old Man Fifty/ Nihilism, Nihilism, Fucking Nihilism/ They tried to kill G-d if the midst of nihilism/ Nuclear holocaust, they'd freeze ignorance cryogenic/ Hope's on life support, in a very dire condition/ Don't let me go, I fear losing grip/ Steven Hoff watches me on some intrusive shit/ I mean the agency either does it on the elusive tip/ Or that fact may be that I'm just losing it/


/Are you programmed? Can you feel it yet?/
/Pipe dreamt, mental disconnect/

/Riding from the law, damn this world is small/ Can’t walk before you crawl, pull out the 40 when it’s all boring/Fighting off 9’11s, I right before the severance, mass murder peasants/ All before the 7th…/I shoot at you losers and claim you all intruders/ Armed and dangerous, smoking angel dust/ Claimed “space-iests” die from cancerous cells/
Became saved again, simple trend simpleton/ watching a re-run of them Simpsons’ kids / Lower rate of survival for those who dose on antihistamines/ Shit I mean, hit the green, and the bowl, and the screen/ Hit the mean, go berserk, smack the sheriff, get ya’s worth/ 1960’s ambition, I blame it on the perp./ Now the officer offered ya relocation/ Just tell him where the dirt weed is so he can lace it/ I didn’t go looking for trouble, but I’m caught up in a mess and/ Minus the light skin complexion, I’m getting fucked like rock hard erection/ Ingesting ingestion, flexing the weapons, send them to Iraq for detailed questions/ The lesson, we done teaching, then it starts the testing/ Label ‘em X factors, and then we bomb all the terrorists/ And fire the fucking waiter for fucking up my asparagus/ Arrogance led me to the middle of the war zone/ I see us all gone, product of criminal minds/ Just nuke the town, and try to get them all before dinner at nine/
Track Name: Optical Obstrusion
/I write for other rappers, I have no fan base/ Spitting over cuts Mandrill to Mandrake/ As if I was willed by Jehovah's mandate/ Beautiful like a rival soldier's handshake/ How do dreams rise?/ Tryna drop jewels like slinging bean pies/ Believing it's a lie when they say the cream rise/ Then cast it to the side when I see my niece eyes/ Am I light? I don't see none/ If it's there, is it leaving/ Can we talk, give thought to reason/ Rise of Crocker, fall of Stephen/ The masks we wear, then gasp for air/ The lack of care, attachment's there/ Collapsing stairs, tryna grasp the rail/ Helluva ride, but taxing fare/ Peace to my friend who fears rejection/ Over unwillingness of a peer's acceptance/ Beauty's quite more than mere complexion/ And you deserve more than our dear depression/ Love...

/G-d is one, quit thinking Bibles/
/It's all within, quit breeding idols/
/Holy men no need for titles/
/Fiending speed, just let it idle/
/Just let it idle/
/Just let it idle/
/Just let it idle/
/Heaven gleams within your iris/

/Perish of the chosen, flow cold on the hopeless/ Strong currents keep it open, nasal passages steady smoking/ I’m coming through the esophagus; keep in mind that they are watching us/ The public tries to mock us, caught with the product by the coppers/ We sell our lies for the income that we work to live through/ The rhetoric that she conveys shows where she’s been to/ Roll up some medicine, as I’m burning on the back of books/ Intrigued by the fear, I stayed to see how the crack was cooked/ G.E.D. on my wall signifies I’ve surpassed the masses/ Taking pharmaceutical meth to stay up for all my classes/ My fingers start to tremble, bump along with the treble/ Praying for an angel, and keep meeting all these devils/ Want the best out of life; I’m afraid I’ll never settle down/ With the right one, so for my music, it’s now or never/ A lot of feelings be feeling, I’m looking for one better/ But it may be lost for a while, so for now I live in terror/ Of love…/
Track Name: Adult Swim feat. Caleb
/Walk in to the toy store, Dad says/ “What you want toys for? Looking like a toy whore.”/But never kicking and screaming, on the Maury show/ Ah, more we go, just to show, just to browse/ Just to graze like we cows/ Looking for feed indeed to get back to the house/Looking like we were ram shacked by a rat or a mouse/ Attack on the spouse, home fights without winning/ Cut the scene without the drama, but no ending/ I witness intolerance following these protagonists/ Yell what I love like a devil’s advocate/ So I quick joking till the moment is broken/ And then I say a smart line to the person who broke it/ Jump on stage, then choke on the moment/ And then I blame it on my friends, say they the ones who sold it/ I just wanted normal, occasionally formal/ Father of the year, who ain’t hormonal/ Maybe a mother, who ain’t choking on crack/ Maybe a new brother who ain’t witness all that/ Nah, my bad, I take that back/ I’m only 13, I’d much rather them hurt me/

/As a child I was maladjusted/ Little bit of mouth, man I had some gumption/ Thinking all that I needed was a dad to function/ Mad impulsiveness, might spaz at functions/ Poppa was a rolling stone, my uncle, he was rolling stones/ Up till bed, I'd hold the phone, do my best to hold my own/ My step-mother would beef with me, 10 years old, she would beef with me/ My mother was the only thing she would see in me/ Thought Mom was seeing Dad again, at Christmas to get back at him/ Exchanged my presents at the store, proceeded then to laugh at him/ Picked me up alone one time, and it became an issue/ Dad tells me to grab my bag, my toothbrush, and my tissue/ This bitch starts to whiling out, proceeds to pull a pistol/ Waved in my father's face, screaming, "i'm gon' kill you”/
Track Name: Cecidit Corona
/The lost boys of revolution, they don’t know what to do with/ Take up knowledge like arms, for a futility movement/ Enoch before the flood etching Boaz and Jachin/ Destroy, rebuild if you’re knowing what yah…mean…/ Out of the darkness, profit margins & targets/ While I feel disparate and Marxist/ On St. Andrew’s cross a carpenter’s son spits/And when four measures finish, he’ll disappear in the fog mist/ Cry Cherokee tears on my Anglo facial/ Suicidal thoughts but the irony’s tasteful/ One time for Marc Garvey, they don’t get me either/ One time for Pop Glenn, hope we meet in the ether/ And tell Israel bring the Maccabees back/ Cause the temple’s gonna fall and my sanity cracks/ My road to Damascus leads to Gitmo Bay/ Lil water-boarding then to the Gitmo clay/

/They cure diseases over in Europe in a matter of minutes/ Fashionable late to try and convey the transition/ More delays now facing modern science/ Ancient Mayans in their tombs, rolling over crying/ Preservation of the people means down with the evil/ Raised up on the steeple, later injecting the needle/ Our feeble minds we read but never will it make us equal/ Education don’t pay enough for me to want to teach you/ I try to spread the word, but the printer’s out of ink/ Fill the cartridge; print the copies, now you tell me what you think/ You think it’s a little lame, Plain Jane with no color/ Pictures that I issue fade out like no other/ Poison my neighbor for the greater good of the hood/ Put a bullet through the head of those that never would/ Top off the radicals like those before me should/ Put a bullet through the head of those that probably could/ But didn’t, so I’m in it to fix the pipes like a porno plumber/ I want a shot at the throne, they told me take a number/ But I ain’t waiting for Satan to try and draw me under/ I’ve been looking for lightening because I heard the thunder/ Loaded on depressants, worried about the non-believers/ Try and tease us and I swear I’ll wreck your daughter’s fetus/ You ”Friday the 13th“ heart eaters/ And no I’m not denominated to a denomination/ Conviction is a sentence to try and prove relation/ Religion from another religion, so just stop hating/ Paving the road for those who want to awaken from the sleep to there feet/ I see the wolves, you all sheep, I haven’t ate all week and I’m weak/ But still won’t be claimed by defeat/
Track Name: Revelation 6:8 feat. D.C. & Nix Da Kid
/I’ve been chilling for a second they had me on hold just for winter/ cause I'm cold you'll get froze just for thinking that you're winners/ I'm unlawful if you don't believe me call the law/ I'll need a holster for these (D's) sort of like a bra/ you can catch salmonella through the ear with a hint of blood on your tongue as soon as you hear I am raw/ catch a breeze it'll be the degrees of Sub-Zero with Scorpion's touch as soon as you get over here you freeze/ I'm a bastards son which is kind of ironic cause I'm fond of my father but I'm a bastard son/ got a problem with my thought process talk to God 'bout it/ if you don't think my flow's God-like I bet God doubt it/ personally I feel y'all suck ain't no punch line behind that y'all suck/ who agrees cause if you are as dope as me I'd attach cinder-blocks to my feet/ and hope to feel the bottom of the sea/ with a tone that can scare the Grinch out of his hair/ they hear it and they all say "WHOO!" like Ric Flair/ I rip dudes like paper and spit like tobacco when it's packed behind your lips and it's just as sick/ a nice dude but can be just as rude/ and it's permanent to your mind these words get tattooed/ lyrically balanced mentally focused on physically challenging y'all/ no bladder control with y'all on my penis I'm pissing you off/

/Beholding a pale horse/
/Death was his name of course/
/a hellish embodiment/
/him given power of the fourth/
/Earthly constellation having part in human administration/
/There is no debation’ this is 6 8’s and Revelation/

/ Scrape with a chore boy, like I’ve been on crack/ Smack you like Uncle Sam and say, “Give me that back!”/ Having everybody saying I don’t envy that cat/ Snap him like a Kit-Kat till he sound like a snare on a rap/ Pulling hair out my crack from a bitch I just knocked/ As D falls out my crack, right in front of the cops/ I’m fighting off Vicodin, writing with the lightening/ Your lyrics need tightening, his begging for the sirens then/ Mightier than the sword, standing on the shore/ I’m rich with the intellect, but I act like Pauly Shore/ Torn from the insides, Lovelorn with the loot/ I treat it like a movie; I aim at you and shoot/ Bitches walking up looking like damn he cute/ I’m a leader in the Navy, and you just a recruit/ Brighter than a 100 watt, even when I’m on the pot/ Cooking meth for the Feds, rocking Rot’s in the lot/ Rolling weeds up in the Tops, throwing out before the cops/ Rolling blocks try and stop but never do we get locked/Pops finally fucking smoked, went to sleep right after/ I seem to fall asleep that night to faint snickers and laughter/ A dope kick and a snare, I blind them with a flare/ Make ‘em D.A.R.E. like no drugs; better eat your fucking pears/ Better sit down in them chairs; let your cheeks shed tears/ Tears your fucking face off like a fucking bear/ Oh dear…/

/Christ was a Zionist, I'm Daniel in the lion's den/ With Nat Turner's sickle, beheading the proprietor/ From the seed of Scythians, rap is my entitlement/ Flyting like it's Scotland, English vs. Irishmen/ Kilt like Piper, ill like Stryper/ Shit feel like diapers, kill your cypher/ Rap's now TV, I call it Idol Survivor/ Never wan go, got to vote em off the island/ Kronkite, Crocker, bomb right proper/ Write sonata’s, tight cantatas/ I’m older than I look, Dewayne Carter/ And spit till I’m sixty, Dewayne’s father/ Yuga bitch, ollie ollie oxen/ Free, Watch your Polly swallow Crocker/The venom in my veins, well I tap in that/ Then bang bang you're broad, like I'm Cactus Jack/ You soft, banana peels & daffodils/ And I'll smile to see you a maggot's meal/ Defecate depictions, decimate the diction/ The damndest deliverer of Mason and Dixon/ Demonstrating dominance, prophesying providence/ Demonic or a Darwinist, precocious after prominence/ Shit portraits of the south with the intellect of Twain/ More Jew than Jesuit, and affected in the brain/
Track Name: I.D. (Idol Displacement)
/They take the beauty and kill it/ Till it’s a movie that’s scripted/ A numbing dumbed down feeble soothing depiction/ A revolutionary turned a shirt and a sticker/ A Hot Topic hoodie with the pockets and zipper/

/Hov turned Guevara's face to an iconic shirt/ The capitalist that he is, boy, that's ironic work/ Please when I die, put my guise on a shirt/ And make it misrepresent and make light of my work/Pac's life they summed up to middle fingers and thugs/ The fact he was a Panther, they belittled and scrubbed/ The origin of Thuggies', that they whittled to nubs/ And left a pissed black male that stomped a Crip with some Bloods/ Peep how they did Bob and his belief in the Ja/ Marley "Ra-sta-far-I", hence weed in his song/ Sang he wanted Brits to go and leave from his home/ Now he's just a poster, with a leaf and a bong/ Kurt's message molested, he's just a emblem of angst/ Here we are, entertain us, turned literal bank/ A man against brands, suffers criminal rape/ His music's for sad teens, now the general take/ Shit, even Jesus Christ is a brand you can bank on/ Brother I would I know, I got one of his tank's on/ Though it's sacrilegious, if you believe and your saved son/ Because you know, Jesus was G-d as man, and it violates one of ten commandments you pray from/

/The plight of humanity seems to always damage/ Handles me to a panic, scrambling like I’m this nasty/ Well, yes, of course, I’m white trashy/ But not even I take it to the resort that you take it to/ They’ll probably take my retort and try and make it cool/ XXL, I got to get them magnums out the closet/ For that one name drop, my wallets brain just lost/ In my first video, I sport a jersey from Chris Wallace/ Then his sales go up, and he sees nothing but profit/ The Illuminati seems real/ How the fuck you suppose to overcome a fucking group that’s older than George Washington/ How do you get to decide what to call sacred, not another soul?/ You call that girl a hoe cause she’s dressed in them clothes/ Not knowing she’s got no where to live, and nobody knows/That guy that keeps shaking like he’s shoving shit up his nose/ Really has no health care, unless you have a H.M.O./ The doctors say no, then throws him out in the cold/Bundle up with a North Carolina Tar Heels jersey/ Died on the street with a sign that said, “They never even heard of me.”/ But you walk in them stores, swing open them doors/ And buy a bunch of goodies galore, oh lord/
Track Name: Crushed Velvet Bibles
/I played the room out when they found out about/ scientific identities, I broke down all they enemies/ They sending me images, that leads me to imagining/ The only way out this life is attempted drug trafficking/ Mapping out the plans with my hombre, José/ He says, “No way!” Cliché, I paid for the whole day/ Cut the coke with coke as I hear the sounds in the hallway/ Smack him in the back of the head, “You’ve been doing that all day.”/ All play’s equals no finish; I say so in this sentence/ I see you thinking of quitting, so why you up in my business/ You want to get paid like you studied Therapy/ Coal in the place of a soul, she slowly found out there, in me/ She kept pushing my buttons, at times, daring me/ Quit what you’re doing before you get ruined/
When all you have in life, is it really worth losing/ I told her you got to keep pushing till life starts moving/

/Time keeps moving, never stopping, never stopping/
/Judges and Juries could never stop it, could never stop it/
/I promise, never looking through the glass, through the glass/
/To the past, for the past been gone, it’s just another topic/

/I found G-d, or it found me/ Not the same person that had kept sounding/ Off like I needed what had been grounding/ Everybody else, man, that confounding/ Microwave oven flow, I exude toxins/ Varsity blues, imbue John Moxon/ Perennial wing-man, eschew John Stockton/ Said the war's over, but I ain't stop marchin'/ Sound the bugle, Gabe, the fight don't take off/ Dig up Brother Malcolm, let him take charge/ The hell I'ma do with this face I face off/ Where' s G-d kingdom, it seems like they made off/ Apathetic fucks, hope the lot of you suffer/ Like I care for a filter or the block of a buffer/ Won’t do a damn thing, an innocuous wonder/ Smoked out or pilled up, prone populous slumber/
Track Name: Democracy (In His Image) feat. Hillary Keane
/So many years tryna persevere/ Nose to the stone whip work from fear/ Dealin’ with the thought that the curtain near/ If it don’t break soon I’ll be hurtin’ here/ Meetin' after meetin', same response/ Songs kinda ehh, but they never pop/ Next one flop, I’ll be so distraught/ Hand on the line, it was all for naught/ A&R nod said it kinda knock/ Ask of my plans, ask where it stops/ Say, shit, when I’m done with the album charts/ Say ten number 1’s and then I’ll drop/ Smiles and he says, let’s get the contract/ Feel my heart skip, start dialing contacts/ Hit my mans up, said now it’s on Jack/ From here on out it’s all Leers and bra straps/ Say congratulations, that’s what you get after all the hatin'/ Tell them boys they ain’t sayin’ Nathan/ Your reward for saving faith and/ When you ignored and soldiered on/ ‘For the shit payoffs, now the boulder gone/ When you ain’t have a dime to go perform/ Put your face down, kept rollin’ on/ Right about then, I felt my soul had warmed/ I said I’ll hit you back with this all is done/ Reached back, called my moms/ It’s been a long time since I been at home/ She been kinda ill, I been thinking long/ I know G-d with her, and see she’s strong/ Dial up the house, brother breathing hard/ Said the cardiac took her won’t believe she’s… gone.

/… so I say to myself, "Self, do I feel lucky?"/ Am I Chuck Norris fighting off the evil that force me?/ Can’t get my bread, oh yeah, I like it crusty/ It’s a reassuring feeling when I help to bring up the young seeds/ Swimming waters with sharks is tough, see/ Hand over them handouts, take them, we plan now/ Live month to month, populate, then act like runts/ But prove where he is wrong, and watch them mock the sin/ Democrats, we lock them in, Republicans, we lock them in/ But the majority would rather worry about the new popping trend/ First to know will probably tweet this when we all meet are end/ Is there any way to stop them, can anybody stop them/ I hear the people yelling, but can’t feel the boat rocking/ /They said Bush: We can’t stop him/
/ Obama: We won’t stop him/ Democracy is failing...and all I can do is watch them/

(Hillary Keane)
/Now, where do I stand?/ Sifting reluctantly through back up plans/ American Idol’s idle hands/ Forced to step back and face the bland/ So close, I could taste it/ Jumped the gun and said I made it/ No other dreams worth embracing/ What is life without creating?/
Track Name: The Jesuits feat. Katalyst & Rick Somethin'
/You were born a god, and the world to you indebted/ Pathetic, how you don’t give yourself the credit/ Life’s a bitch, break your heart if you let/ Best never to sweat it, that “Unit Life” philosophy/ And honestly, fuck you if you don’t ride with me/ I probably box a bullet for anyone who’d die with me/ N****** in my city, mad, arms too short to box with me, I’m God high/ Hog-tie your ass, quick, fast, and in a hurry/ When the shit comes to the light, notice the snakes and roaches scurry/ Keep your grass cut and your house clean/ Make your bitch toot that ass up, if that mouth mean/ Jesus in my features with a gold mouth gleam/ I’m a rich hoes want, but I’m a broke hoes dream/ N****** mad at me cause your boy done got it popping/ Stop jocking, all foul, out of pocket, loose hoes need goddess/ Lost souls need knowledge, from sincere points of view/ Walk in a real N****** shoe, what would Trap Jesus do/

/I have giving up, I don’t want it no more/ My friends don’t have faith, who can I trust anymore?/ Body feels weak, my mind feels sore/ Agony on top of agony, now tell me who you adore/ You see the pretty lights, and not the late nights/ The spats with the frats, the stray cats and the mice/ And the rats that be feeding off your crumbs at your feet/ Waiting for you to get comfortable so they can give you a disease/ The glitz and the glamor, I’m not too familiar with/ But to be honest, neither is the common kid/ I meet a hundred people, 99 turn out to be rappers/ I have to bundle them together just to fit them into chapters/ The question they keep asking is if I’d make it without a faction/
But all of that is irrelevant, they just talking, no action/ so just leave me in peace left to chase my own dragons/ and demons, charging castles everlasting with my passion/

/Your rap's my welcome mat, everybody welcome back/ be my best year or my last, wanna tell? Then tell 'em that/ in the last year, I've questioned living because different misgivings/ Deciphered scripture, siphoned liquor/ Painted enlightened pictures/ Barack reelected, shit was mad depressing/ they say "You wanted Romney?" I shake my head, driven mad with stressing/ Fuck both those pleated khaki crackers/ Take my freedom and my taxes/ Fools lost, need an atlas/ Lost friends over Jesus, with everything I's reading/ Believing we could reason, they regressed, and said I's evil/ The Roman's lied, these cracker's lie, try they best to pacify/ The Roman's lied, these cracker's lie, try they best to pacify/ My knowledge like skin cancer that metastasize/ It spread, consumed, it's all I fantasize/ Fiscal cliff? that's ridiculous shit/ Next up Iran, some killing and shit/ Globalize, globalize, Hitler's army mobilized/ Hold your breath, say a prayer, and close your eyes/

(Rick Somethin')
/Imagine compassion, living so lavish, oh, you ‘bout that life?/ Now get you a car, roll a cigar, and you hit that twice/ Imagine a winner, a saint from a sinner/ Born a forgiver, around Master Splinter’s/ Out the dungeon we entered, this world be killing/ This world that we in a corruption and splinter/ Your Lord a forgiver, he’ll tell you how to live your life/ You learn if it scratches, it bites/ You learn that black ain’t white/ You learn what drugs you like/ Esco, it’s still one mic/Gold? Done, done that twice/ These hoes, they know what they like/ And since they rolling with Samson, no need for asking/ Young, rapping bastard, take you some classes/ Knowledge is magic, life in these books of potpourri/ It’s never what teachers told to me/ Now question what you told to me/ You hold your heart and then console me/These hard ships done froze me/ So I fill the Dutch with the O.G./ My competence points to the oldies/ Them tracks that compose me/ Time before when I opposed the police/ And them double cups of codeine/ Now I look in your eyes, and I peep that you ain’t know me/ This my life, a little my story, right before I fucking O.D./ Society won’t control me, I hang in the jungle, bitch, I’m Mowgli/
Track Name: Baptism By Fire feat. The Apollo Theory & Genius
(The Apollo Theory)
/They got me stuck on the front lines/ Between enemies and gunfire/ My life flash before my eyes, I (re)member one time/ I was chillin' at the house playing X-Box/ 360/ Metal Gear/ Black Ops/ Hold a second...let me think/ The characters that I create, now I portray/ Damn life sucks/ All I wanna do is fight for my country/ Have no idea I had to die for the money/ Tried to feed my family so we can live comfy/ Seems like something precious is taken from me/ And I don't know what to do, tears roll down my face/ How can I stay calm when death is underway?/ The only trick card I can pull is just "faith"/ Now the boy's ready for war...press play/

/Addicted to women and mixing liquor with mixers/ Living wicked, wanting death, but never get me a ticket/ Missing signs of an ending, different times I was spending/All the dimes for a snippet of her thighs while extended/ Got my mind on my business but I dabble in the casual/ Extracted and it has a toll on actions, I adapted those/ Hazards like magic shows, have me on a path or road/ But caught up in a traffic hold, my focus on Adderall/ Waitin’ for a ladder throne, Madder than a battered home/ Gotta make it on my own, a throne lonely for a lone ranger/ How mystical is the danger? Strangers/ Try to lock me down in the chambers/ Aim for the sky, in this pie called life/ All I want is a slice, but I’m fried like rice/ And I paid my price, I’m just tryna do right/ Lord, please help me, destiny is my right/ Right?

/We’re living in a mess, stressed out about currency/ Unless you make it to the top, then it’s whose gonna murder me/ Every time I tell a lie, I get burned with the third degree/ So I keep my mouth shut, forget everything you’ve heard from me/ Damn, times done got hard/ So I borrow my buddy’s Glock and put it in my sock draw/ I take it to the show to show the crew I act hard/ Guy picks a fight, grabs a knife, so I dis-charge/ Now it’s sleeping on couches, see police, and I’m bouncing/ Never trusting no one, slinging whatever by the ounces/ My crew thinks I’m crazy, and I know I’m out my mind/ Just give me my medication and I promise I’ll be fine/ I can get whatever you need, but got to be home by nine/ If you can’t tell me now, then that’s a pretty good sign/ That this isn’t gonna work, try to find some other glass/ Blade in the rib cage as he laid me under trash, over some cash/

/Zoroaster spoke of the Promised One/ Paul spoke of the Christ/ Christ means anointed one/ Let's bring it into light/ Rome at that time practiced Mithraic mysteries/ Mithra, sun demi-god of Zoroaster's litany/ Paul dates before the Gospels.....Zoroastrianism four thousand B.C./ Christianity first a mystery religion/ Earn degrees for your knowledge, under secret conditions/ Why you think the Catholic church didn't hand out bibles/ Cause the average Roman would think the stories recycled/ Paul was first Saul, a Jewish priest/ It was a time of war, and he embraced truancy/ So there he was, a raised Jew, seeing Zarathustra teachings/ There, now it's framed, so what are you seeing?/